HCAH is now accepting avian and exotic patients!  Dr. Zimmers has extensive experience treating all kinds of animals, including birds, ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, and rodents.  These patients require special handling and knowledge in order to be treated correctly.  If you have an exotic pet in need of care, please call the hospital and make an appointment today.


We know how difficult it is to say goodbye to your beloved pet, especially in a hospital environment.  To make this incredibly personal and sad time a little more comfortable for your pet and family, HCAH is now offering euthanasia services in your home.  If you are interested in this service, please call the hospital for details.


HCAH will no longer be accepting emergency calls after office hours.  For the last six years, Dr. Zimmers has worked as an emergency/critical care veterinarian at large referral centers.  Because of her experiences at these large hospitals, she has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to treat your pet in an emergency.  In a true emergency, your pet may require bloodwork, IV fluids, radiographs, oxygen therapy, and even surgery.  All of those procedures need to be done QUICKLY and require multiple personnel to be available on site in order for your pet to have the best chance of survival.  In addition, your pet would need to be monitored closely during the night, as surgical and critically ill patient’s condition can change dramatically within hours.  If your pet needs emergency help after hours, please call HCAH and our answering service will provide you with contact information to the closest emergency hospital.